Welcome to The Tiny Fig Home of the winking toast !

If you're looking to spoil yourself, a teen or just someone young at heart with super sweet goodies you've come to the right place!

My name is Connie and I am the owner of The Tiny Fig Handmade Gifts & Accessories. I run my sweet little shop from my home studio in the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia where I was born and raised. Everything in the shop including the website you are currently viewing is meticulously designed, prototyped and created by me with my two very busy little hands. I'm a really easy going person that loves to try lots of different things so you will probably see that throughout my shop. In case you haven't figured it out yet, The Tiny Fig is where all the sweet figments of my imagination run wild!

The Tiny Fig began 2007, as a hobby that was meant to keep me both entertained and occupied while I was out of school. At the time I was a business student taking general business and accounting so naturally, I had a big interest in being a small business owner. I watched carefully as my little hobby grew and it was almost magical how fast people fell in love with my little slice of winking toast. After a lot of hardwork, research, time, money and dedication The Tiny Fig became a registered business and has quickly blossomed into something I could not have imagined! The shop recently celebrated it's 4th birthday and will hopefully have many many more!

A tidbit you may not know about The Tiny Fig:

A lot of people think that I named my shop after the fig fruit but that's not the case. Way back when I started, the shop was originally named Coonies (a nickname I had from highschool) but for many reasons it was changed to The Tiny Fig. The name was selected with the help and feedback from of lots of Etsy members, family and friends.

I really like the name because:
"Tiny" = Represents me as I am a very petite in size and a lot of the things I make are quite small.
"Fig" = I wanted to name the shop Tiny Figments but was just too long so Fig is actually short for Figments and it just happens to be a plus that I really like the fig fruit.

Now put Tiny and Fig together and you've got a pretty cute name. :)

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