Thanks for participating in my shop survey! Copy and paste the following into an email and fill it out.
Please try to fill out as many of the questions as possible! Send all responses to
Feel free to ask you friends and family to participate so they will be entered to win 1 of 5 mystery boxes too.

1. Before you answer any of the questions, could you please let me know you heard about this survey? :)

2. Customer Service Questions:
Have you shopped at The Tiny Fig before? If yes please answer the following. If not please skip to the next section.
- Were you satisfied with the way your order was handled after you made payment?
- Did your order arrive in the estimated 2-3 week time frame?
- Was your order in good condition upon arrival?
- Has your order met up to your expectations since?
- Would you recommend The Tiny Fig to a friend?
- Anything you want to add or let me know?

3. Webshop Questions:
- Is the site hard to navigate?
- Do you feel comfortable shopping here? Why or why not?
- Do you read my blog? How may times a month do you visit? What would you like to see more of on my blog?
- Did you know you can email me photos to be added to the "In Action" page?
- What type of things would you like me to add to the "Freebies" section?
- Anything to add?

4. Etsy Shop Questions:
- Do you have an Etsy Account?
- Have you ever read the shop announcements, policies, profile I have posted?
- Are you aware that there are shop sections on the right side of all shops? Do you use them when you shop?
- Anything to add?

5. General Questions
- Is it confusing for you that I have 2 shops ( and
- Do you prefer one shop to the other? If so, why?
- What country do you reside in and what is your preferred currency?
- Are there enough photographs of each item so you can get a clear understanding of what it looks like and what it's made of from all sides?
- When you shop, do you read the descriptions of items? What are you looking for?
- If you aren't signed up for the mailing list yet would you like to be?